Frequently Asked Questions 


Epoxy systems contain two components, resins and hardeners, which get mixed together creating a chemical reaction that coverts them from liquid to solid. A two-part epoxy-based polymer system is mechanically strong, chemically resistant to degradation of the chemical elements in the solid form and highly adhesive during conversion from liquid to solid. When these two components are mixed together, they will react chemically and link together irreversibly forming a rigid plastic like material. 

Somewhat similar to epoxies but more durable, has excellent gloss and color retention and has UV resistance. Many epoxies ten to yellow in direct sunlight over time. A topcoat of Urethane prevents this yellowing. Urethanes also have superior resistance to engine fluids, acids and alkalis. Our “bullet proof topcoat” is the best in preventing these occurrences, super UV is a single component unlike other two-part systems. 

With epoxy floors cleaning couldn’t be easier. A simple mopping with water and a tiny bit of ammonia cleans the floors great. On larger areas we recommend an auto-scrubber.

All surfaces sealed with a high strength epoxies make it extremely resistant to salts, oils and other stains. Its virtually non-porous which makes it mold resistant and simple to clean. Usually just a garden hose and maybe a little mild detergent will clean it fine. All of our epoxies are industrial stregth therefore you will get an extremely durable coating.

It adds value to your home or business. No doubt about it

A common concern when buying a new floor involves the disruption of your normal operations. Depending on the size of the project- however we do have options that will get you back on your floor within 4- 8 hours of completing the job.

The most important part of any concrete surface application is surface preparation. We use top quality planetary and had-held diamond grinding equipment and shot blasters to properly profile the floors.

Yes, by adding our Non-skid. We have a non-skid product and its translucent, will not be seen. Add 4oz to the epoxy mix and roll. For added texture broadcast in air then back roll. 

  1. Squirrel mixer with low speed drill 3/8” x18” woven roller
  2. 5-gallon deep roller buckets for dip and roll
  3. Duct tape 
  4. Rollers
  5. Denatured alcohol for cleaning using spray bottle
  6. piked shoes
  7. Empty clean buckets (one gallon and 5-gallon measured containers for 2:1 ratio)